silhouette of kids playing under a willow tree


Wind in the Willows provides a holistic learning environment which gives young children time to develop skills and relationships that will last a lifetime. Our program incorporates families and the larger community to support and nurture our youngest members as they blossom and become socially competent, emotionally aware and cognitively ready to be life long learners.


Every family is welcome at Wind in the Willows. We strive to reflect all racial, cultural and economic segments of the community. Our developmentally appropriate curriculum recognizes the value of children learning through play, at their own pace and within a context that is meaningful to them. We provide a safe and nurturing environment that emphasizes creativity, socialization, motor skills and emotional and cognitive development.


The educational staff has a wealth of experience in early childhood education. Our staff works closely together to develop curriculum, direct the daily operations of the school, and administer the policies set forth by the Board of Directors.

Community Building

Wind in the Willows values community and the young child's place in it. We encourage parents, grandparents and other close family members to volunteer by reading at story time, leading an art project or organizing a special activity. Your presence in the classroom is welcomed and helps children connect their home and school experiences.

Parent education nights are held to discuss growth and development issues with an early childhood education professional. Additional workshops address specific topics such as kindergarten readiness, sensory integration, and choosing an elementary school.